Librarian-Approved Apps: Pocket

Pocket is app that saves web pages and articles for you to read later. It’s great because you can save an article on a computer and read it on your phone later. Or vice versa. Often when I’m scrolling through Twitter I’ll see links to articles I want to read, but not right now. All I have to do is open the link, save the article in Pocket, and it will be on my phone and computer whenever I’m ready to read it.

Pocket is an app for phone and there’s a browser extension that allows you to save pages as you browse. As long as you’ve logged in with the same account on both devices, your lists will sync up.

Get started with Pocket now. 

pocket app logo

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Discover Black History Month collections on hoopla

Explore the achievements of African Americans throughout history with hoopla, our on demand digital media service. Black History Month collections include:

AudiobooksEbooksComics | Music | Movies/Video

Children’s Audiobooks | Children’s Ebooks

With more than 500,000 digital titles available, there’s something for everyone on hoopla, and titles are always available – NO WAITING!


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Portable DVD & CD Player

Watch a movie or television show or listen to an audio book or music CD anywhere by checking out a portable DVD or CD player. Portable players are perfect for long road trips especially when Internet is not available. The DVD player has a 5 hour battery life and comes with a car charger.  The CD player connects to your car stereo.   View our complete list of Tech Takeout devices.  For questions contact the Technology Center Desk at 630-887-0829.

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