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Convert Vinyl Records

Create digital files of your favorite vinyl records with our turntable converter. The converter will create MP3 files of 33, 45, and 78 records. Use those MP3 files to listen on your computer, smart phone, or CD. The Vinyl-to-MP3 converter is available through our Tech Takeout collection. It checks out for 2 weeks at a time. Place a hold on the converter now. vinyl-to-mp3-player

Work from Anywhere, Print at the Library

Our wireless printing service allows you to send print requests from anywhere and pick them up at the library. You don't have to be logged on to our computers to use our printers. Visit to attach a file and send it to our print system. Then, visit the library and retrieve the document in our Technology Center. Prints cost 10 cents per page for black and white, and 25 cents per page for color. All print requests will stay in our system for 4 hours after they've been sent. Want to use an app instead? Visit and download the Mobile Printing App.

Librarian-Approved Apps: Pocket

Pocket is app that saves web pages and articles for you to read later. It's great because you can save an article on a computer and read it on your phone later. Or vice versa. Often when I'm scrolling through Twitter I'll see links to articles I want to read, but not right now. All I have to do is open the link, save the article in Pocket, and it will be on my phone and computer whenever I'm ready to read it. Pocket is an app for phone and there's a browser extension that allows you to save pages as you browse. As long as you've logged in with the same account on both devices, your lists will sync up. Get started with Pocket now.  pocket app logo

6 New Books Added to Kindle

A pre-loaded Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect companion for a holiday plane ride or road trip. It fits in a purse or small backpack and comes with six recent best-selling books, including:
  • End Game by David Baldacci
  • Origin by Dan Brown
  • Hardcore Twenty Four by Janet Evanovich
  • The Rooster Bar by John Grisham
  • A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles
  • Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate
Kindle Paperwhite is part of Tech Takeout and check out for three weeks.

Lightphoria Energy Lamp Available

A sunny summer day has 50,000 lux. An office building has 500 lux. Use the Lightphoria energy lamp (10,000 lux) to stimulate natural sunlight, which can increase your energy, improve your mood, and adjust your circadian rhythm. Light therapy is often recommended for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The light can also be used to help regulate sleeping schedules. Use it in the morning if you have trouble getting up, or use it in the evening if you have trouble staying awake. The energy lamp is available through our Tech Takeout service. Check availability and place a hold on the lamp now. energy-lamp The energy lamp is not a medical device, please consult with your doctor if you have questions.