IPPL started offering Rokus for check out to their patrons on January 2, 2014. We started off with three devices with approximately 38 titles. We now are circulating 17 devices with over 300 titles as of July 2015. 

Equipment/Supplies and Costs

  • Roku LT: Amazon $49.99 (Link is to the 2nd generation LT. We originally puchased the 1st generation. Ordered additional refurbished 1st generation for $35.95.)
  • Roku 3: Amazon: $95 
  • roku_bagHDMI Cable: Amazon $5.09

  • Self-Sealing Laminated Pouch/Luggage Tag: Amazon $4.99
  • Carrying Case: Janway $234.60 (Quantity: 12 with library logo)
  • Premium Monthly Subscription to Netflix $11.99 & we have 3 accounts. 

Initial Roku Device Processing

  • Inspect device, create Roku.com account, activate/register each Roku device and label each piece (we used our tech support e-mail account to register all devices).
  • Process the pouch/luggage tag, instruction card (laminate/cover), user guide (comes with the device- we covered ours).
  • Create an account at vudu.com. During the account process, you will also be agreeing to create an Ultraviolet account at the same time.
  • Add and register Vudu channel on device.
  • Created bibliographic record on your ILS to circulate device with a list of titles (Example: See record)
  • Barcode and add each device separately to the ILS record..

Circulating the Roku Device

  • Devices are stored and checked out at the Checkout Desk.
  • If a hold, a place holder is put at our self-service hold pick-up shelf.
  • Upon return, Circulation checks the device for missing parts and physical damage.
  • Immediately after inspection by Circulation, the device is given to Technical Services to check that the content and device setting is correct and that the device is working properly for the next user.
  • The device is then brought back to Circulation to check-in off of patron's record.

Adding Movies

  • Most DVDs come with an insert with an Ultraviolet redemtion code, especially those released in the blu-ray format.
  • We initially started to save these codes for at least two months during testing and training. All codes were added to three seperate Vudu accounts. Now we only use two Vudu accounts for three devices.
  • Technical Services staff check weekly to see if there are any new codes that need to be redeemed.
  • Staff then log into each account to redeem code and check to see if they show up on the account.
  • Title is then added to bibliographic ILS record.

Visit our eLibrary page for additional information. Article "Libraries Stream Towards Roku Lending", American Libaries June 2014, page 20.