Reading with Oprah by Kathleen Rooney

Reading with Oprah: The Book Club that Changed America by Kathleen Rooney (2007)
The author Kathleen Rooney worked at Anderson’s Bookstore in Naperville. The author’s experience of customers flocking into the store for each Oprah Book Club (OBC) selection led to the book’s title. Whether you have read some or none  of the Oprah’s Book Club titles, the author’s discussion of this book selling phenomenon is very interesting. From Rooney’s personal experience and her extensive research of the OBC, she explores Oprah’s Book Club cultural impact of getting people to buy & read books or even for the first time! Regardless of your opinion of the OBC, you’ll like the book for revealing the 21st century impact of the OBC.

Rooney interviewed authors of the OBC selections who gave interesting opinions about the Club. Readers will like Rooney’s perspective on the OBC selected books she liked and didn’t like.

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