A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff

A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff (2010)
Isabel Wolff has written a delightful story to entertain and captivate. A Vintage Affair tells the story of Phoebe Swift, who leaves Sotheby’s to open her own vintage clothing shop. Each garment has a history and each garment has a future as far as Phoebe is concerned. Throughout the story we are treated to brief descriptions of designer named clothing and they do sound wonderful!

Phoebe goes to purchase clothing from an elderly Frenchwoman and finds a child’s blue coat among her things. They gradually become friends and share a connection because of the coat, which helps Phoebe heal her pain of a past heartbreak. Wolff’s writing is so lovely that the stories become vivid, endearing and special. The story includes two men competing for Phoebe’s affection, her mother who leans on Phoebe for life-advice, her father coping with a new family, and an amusing cast of customers.

Don’t miss A Vintage Affair. It’s a well put together, brilliantly amusing book.

Watch the clip below to hear the author discuss her book.

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