The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

The House at Riverton by Kate Morton (2008)
Ninety-eight year old Grace’s memories of a shattering event that occurred in 1924 at Riverton Manor reawaken as she is interviewed by a director who is making a film of the event. Grace was fourteen when she began working as a housemaid at Riverton for the aristocratic Hartford family. From her position she watches the family, especially daughters Hannah and Emmeline, as they mature from young girls at the outset of WWI to complex young women experiencing the changes of the roaring twenties. Guilt ridden, the aging Grace reveals secrets that she has carried about what happened that tragic evening at Riverton. Full of atmosphere and interesting characters, this novel is an enjoyable read.

Visit the author’s website to read a synopsis, an interview with the author, and the story behind the book. Also check out the discussion questions.

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