Out of the Deep I Cry by Julia Spencer-Fleming

Out of the Deep I Cry by Julia Spencer-Fleming (2004)
This is the third mystery in the series with Episcopalian priest Clare Fergusson and Sheriff Russ Van Alstyne set in the Adirondack community of Miller’s Kill. Dr. Rouse, of the Ketchum free medical clinic, disappears shortly after a confrontation with a young mother protesting the clinic’s vaccination policy. Debba blames Dr. Rouse for her son’s autism, which he developed after being vaccinated at the clinic. The doctor’s disappearance stirs up local memories and police interest in a cold case from the 1930s involving the disappearance of Mr. Ketchum. The attraction between Russ (who is married) and the Rev. Clare heats up while the two tackle the interwoven cases.

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