Mistaken Identity by Don Van Ryn Family and Newell Cerak Family

Mistaken Identity by Van Ryn and Cerak Families (2008)
This book was written by the families involved in the much-publicized, tragic incident in which two college students involved in a car accident were mistakenly identified for one another. One girl was killed in the accident; the other survived, but was in a coma for many weeks. For five weeks, one family kept a constant vigil at their daughter’s bedside, only to discover that she was not, in fact, their daughter. The other family memorialized, buried, and grieved for their daughter, then learned five weeks later that she was alive.

Both families tell of the incredible outpouring of love, support and prayer that family, friends, and strangers provided. Their deep faith and trust in God enable them to gracefully cope with these almost unimaginable events. The grace with which these families deal with this tragedy is truly awe-inspiring.

Read an excerpt, watch a video clip, or listen to an audio clip at the publisher’s website; read reviews at Amazon.com.

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