Local Artist Donates Painting to IPPL

IPPL is the proud recipient of an oil painting created and donated by Willowbrook artist and author Jenn Weinshenker. The artwork, titled The Prairie, is on display in the seating area at the base of the library’s stairway.

After a head-on car accident 20 years ago, Jenn had to re-learn everything – reading, writing, walking, and talking. While learning to read again, Jenn found help, encouragement, assistance, and support at her local public library.

“The library isn’t just a place where there are books. It’s a place where there are people who really extend themselves and help you to learn to be a better person, to be a part of your community. I wanted to gift this library with a painting that represented my appreciation, so this is like a love gift to the whole community. It’s for everybody.”

The painting took a year to create. Patrons may recall Jenn painting on location on the second floor of the library last summer.

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One thought on “Local Artist Donates Painting to IPPL

  1. It was such a wonderful experience to work on The Prairie at the library. Meeting the students and the families there was such a joy. I could not have anticipated how beautiful this experience could have been. I feel grateful that we got to know each other.

    Being an artist and writer, most of my work is done in my studio or in front of my computer. It is a quiet process, except for the music I usually listen too. And one that is pretty isolated. I have given artwork to special places where people give so much to their communities. But I have never worked so closely with the community before. And I just loved it. Love, love, loved it.

    I’m glad you like The Prairie. I’m glad you liked Coco so much too. For those of you who don’t know, Coco is my Akita Service Dog, who clearly was the star of this event. She loved everybody and everybody loved her too. The young people often asked me if Coco was going to be in the painting. And I thought, that is a great idea. If you look you will find her, and many other things too.

    We have an amazing library. It is vibrant and true extension of our equally amazing community.

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