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Convert VHS to DVD at Home

Convert Your VHS tapes to DVDs

Preserve all the memories on your VHS tapes with our newest Tech Takeout device. Our VHS to DVD converter is now available and checkouts for 1 week. The converter includes RCA video and audio cables. VHS to DVD conversion happens in real time, which means converting a tape will take 2 hours. Don’t forget, we have a VHS to DVD conversion machintoshibaimage_e available inside the library, too.

Place a hold on the VHS to DVD converter

Mic Check 1-2, 1-2

Ever wanted to practice your voice over skills? Or narrate a Powerpoint presentation so you can share it as a video? Our Yeti microphone is easy to use and returns a high quality sound recording. The mic connects to your computer with a USB cord and you can begin recording in minutes. The mic can be checked out at our Technology Center and used in yeti microphoneone of the library’s quiet conference rooms.

For more information and help visit our Digital Media Project page.