Bridewell Prison Farm

The upscale community of Burr Ridge shares a history with a prison farm and a pig farm. Originally referred to as the House of Correction Honor Farm Colony, the prison farm evolved from the City of Chicago’s 1918 purchase  of some 300 acres of farm land. Much of the farm’s produce went to the Chicago House of Corrections also known as Bridewell. The article The Bridewell Farm from Pleasantdale Its’ History in Commemoration of the Bicentennial provides interesting (and hard to find) information about the farm as it was operated under the supervision of Mr. Redmond J. Lyons.

As the farm became less economical to run, portions of the land were sold in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. Many long time residents of Burr Ridge  remember seeing the prisoners working in the fields.  To learn more about this fascinating piece of Burr Ridge history and how that farm land became part of Burr Ridge, read Bridewell Prison land key to Burr Ridge’s history, future by Roy Koz, The Doings August 14, 2003, pages 7, 10.

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  1. Just listening to Nolan Welsh and Louis Armstrong’s “The Bridwell Blues.” Despite the different spelling, the song is clearly about Bridewell Prison Farm. Lyrics from a guy who probably did time there and the usual superhuman riffs from Louis.

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