Use a Computer @ the Library

We offer Windows and Mac computers and laptops for all ages.

  • All Windows computers have Office 2013.
  • You can use a desktop or laptop computer for 90 minutes with extensions depending on availability.
  • We offer Windows computers for guests to use for a 30 minute minimum with extensions depending on availability.
  • Anyone can use our 20 minute Express Computers.
  • Research / Microsoft Office computers are available with no time limit as long as no one is waiting. Internet access is not available on these computers.

Use an iPad @ the Library cardexclusive

Browse the internet, play games, use apps, and access our emagazine collection.

  • Adult iPads include apps for English Language Learners
  • Teen iPads include Minecraft
  • Kids iPads include apps for early literacy development

Print & Copy

  • Printers and copiers are located on each floor.
  • Black & white prints and copies cost $0.10 per page.
  • Color prints cost $0.25 per page.
  • Print from anywhere to the library using the Internet and send your print job to the the first floor Technology Center printers.

Fax & Scan Documents

  • Scan your documents or photos to print, save, or email them. The scan station is located near the Technology Center Desk.
  • The fax machine is located in the lobby next to the elevator. Credit or debit card is required.

Use Computers & Devices with Kids

We provide specialized computers and devices to help kids develop literacy skills and support learning. Learn more about our Kids Tech.

Checkout a GoPro Camera, LCD Projector, Home Energy Kit & More cardexclusive

Tech Takeout is a smorgasbord of gadgets, gizmos, and tools for you to take home (and bring back when you’re done, of course). 

Read on Kindles & Nooks cardexclusive

Check out a Kindle or Nook preloaded with bestsellers.