With our digital media equipment you can get a professional, high-quality headshot, record clear voice overs for YouTube videos, create stunning slideshow videos, learn to play the guitar, and convert old cassettes and VHS tapes. And that's just the tip of our digital media iceberg.   

This month's project: Record a Voice-Over.


Camera (Canon Rebel T3i 18MP DSLR with Video Recorder)

Popular Uses: Professional headshots, photos of inventory for eBay, Etsy, and Craigslist, YouTube videos


Microphone (Yeti)

Popular uses: Interviews, podcasts, voice-over for YouTube videos and slideshows.  


Casio Lighted Keys Portable Keyboard 

Popular Uses: Recording, learning to play. 


Jamstik SmartGuitar

Popular Uses: Recording, learning to play. 


Headphones (Beats Solo)

Popular Uses: Enjoying an awesome playlist 



VHS Cassette to DVD Converter (Funai) 

Popular Uses: Converts old VHS tapes to DVD. 

simple scan station3

Scan to Digital 

Popular Uses: Scan documents and send via email, scan pictures to save as a digital file.

 The Fine Print