Sense8. Season 1 (2015)

sense8Netflix’s newest original show Sense8 is an intriguing and addicting sci-fi drama about eight different people from all over the globe who share a connection. “Sensates” are individuals who are all born at the same time and later become telepathically linked. Their powers begin to reveal themselves as the sensates enter their thirties, and the individuals start hearing, seeing, and feeling things happening to the others, even in different countries. The eight begin talking to each other, sharing experiences, falling in love, and doing their best to escape being captured by those who want to eliminate sensates.

This cast is one of the most diverse and fascinating group of characters I’ve seen on anything in a long time. Riley is Icelandic, living in London, and becoming a DJ. Sun is the daughter of a prominent businessman in Seoul who spends her time fighting in the ring. Capheus is a bus driver in Nairobi who will do whatever it takes to get his mother her medicine. Lito is a dramatic actor in Mexico trying to hide his relationship with his boyfriend. Kala is in Mumbai, about to marry a man she does not love. Wolfgang is a safecracker in Germany about to pull off a major heist. Will is a cop in Chicago and Nomi is a transwoman in San Francisco. All of the stories alone are engaging and well-written, but together they form an emotional, dramatic, and even romantic and hilarious sci-fi thriller.

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