Cosi (1996) R
Louis is a young amateur director badly in need of a job. He finds one in Sydney, working for a government program that rehabilitates mentally ill patients. Louis is suppose to direct the patients in a production of his choice but is completely overwhelmed by Roy, a patient, who wants to put on a production of the opera Cosi Fan Tutte by none other than Mozart!

Roy doesn’t seem to care that his fellow patients can’t speak Italian or for that matter even sing very well. Louis bonds with his players and manages to produce a witty, brilliant, bizarre production while the players accomplish the unbelievable.

The movie stars Toni Collette (who had a war of nerves with producers who wanted her to shave her underarms. She did not want to, believing she was keeping in character…she won). Also featuring Ben Mendelsohn, Rachel Griffiths, Barry Otto and many others who keep you laughing from beginning to end.

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