The Pope’s Toliet = El Bano del Papa

The Pope’s Toliet = El Bano del Papa (2007)
A poignant film about the poverty ridden residents of Melo, Uruguay, who spend what little they have to capitalize on the thousands of tourists they believe will swarm Melo to see Pope John Paul II. Beto is the film’s principal character. He makes his living bicycling into Brazil to smuggle goods back to Melo shopkeepers. Beto hatches the most grandiose money making scheme of all—to build an indoor toilet for the anticipated crowds. Using his wife’s pin money for their daughter’s education, Beto builds his toilet. The crowds never arrive, and the residents of Melo are left poorer than before. The film is based on Pope John Paul II’s 1988 visit to Melo in which only three hundred visitors arrived out of the predicted thousands.

In Spanish with English subtitles.

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