The Visitor

The Visitor (2007) PG-13
Walter is a lonely college professor who goes to New York to present a paper at a conference. He plans to stay in his apartment that he hasn’t visited since his wife died. Walter finds a couple living there but befriends them and all three share the flat. Tarek is a Syrian citizen and drummer; his girlfriend is Esi from Senegal. Tarek bonds with Walter, teaching him how to play drums, how to unwind and find joy in everyday life.

Their relationship deepens and then Tarek is unjustly arrested. The police discover that he has no papers and send him to a detention center to be deported. Tarek’s mother comes to New York looking for him because she has not heard from him. She and Walter support each other in their determination to help Tarek. Learning that connection to another human is vital for an enriched life, Walter vows to save Tarek even though the odds of post 9/11 immigration laws say otherwise.

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