Bottle Shock

Bottle Shock (2008) PG-13
In the ’70s, the world considered France to be the capital of the very best of wines. The elitist Frenchmen thought themselves to be the only people in the world that produced the liquid gold, but vineyards in California began to produce keen rivals.

A British sommelier (Alan Rickman) comes to California looking for the best wine to take back to Paris for a blind testing. Jim Barrett (Bill Pullman) has mortgaged everything in order to produce his chardonnay. He doesn’t want to enter the competition but his son Bo (Chris Pine) knows it is their only chance.

The story is loosely based on the true event “Judgment of Paris.” For more on the actual “judgment,” check out George Tabor’s book titled Judgment of Paris, read the original 1976 Time Magazine article, and peruse the Business Week article marking the 25th anniversary of the event.

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