Ever After

Ever After (1998) PG
Drew Barrymore plays a spunky heroine (Danielle) in this modern take on the classic Cinderella. In 17th century France, Danielle works as a servant in her own household after her father dies. When she impersonates a nobleperson to rescue a fellow servant from being transported to Australia, she catches the eye of Prince Henry (Dougray Scott). The prince is fascinated by her attitudes, her beauty, and her aim.

But there’s always a catch – her evil stepmother (Angelica Huston) and stepsister are plotting to ensnare a prince – and will stop at nothing to snag him. The second stepsister, Jacqueline, played by Melanie Lynskey, isn’t quite what she seems. Lynksey is great in one of her earliest films (you may recognize her as Rose from Two and a Half Men or her supporting roles in Sweet Home Alabama and Up in the Air).

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