Up in the Air

Up in the Air (2009) R
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. George Clooney plays a guy whose job it is to go into companies and fire people. That is the basic premise, but this film is much more than that. It also focuses on his lifestyle: living out of a suitcase, with a practically unfurnished apartment that he “visits” only a few days a year, and no significant relationships to speak of. Both his professional and personal lives take drastic turns, and that is really what makes this movie appealing. This is a movie that evokes a wide spectrum of emotions, and that is truly what a good movie should do.

Written and directed by Jason Reitman, the film was nominated for six Oscars — including supporting actresses Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick. Check out reviews from Robert Ebert, Entertainment Weekly, The Washington Post, and USA Today.

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