Just Wright

Just Wright (2010) PG
Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) is a diehard basketball fan, a successful physical therapist, and every guy’s best friend. At 35, she’s ready to meet the man she can’t live without.

And then there’s her friend Morgan – a woman looking for the man who can make all of her financial dreams come true (better than looking for a job, in her opinion). Through a chance meeting, the pair attends a birthday party for professional basketball player Scott McKnight (Common).

Morgan meets Scott, he falls hard, and the rest is history. Not quite. When Scott suffers a career-threatening knee injury, Morgan ends the engagement.

Leslie becomes his physical therapist, his friend, and his motivator. But the road to love is never smooth. This enjoyable romantic comedy provides the usual laughs while giving sports fans something to watch (see cameos by Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard). For a basketball romance with a little drama, check out Love & Basketball (2000).

Read a review from Roger Ebert.

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