Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics (2007) PG-13
An unlikely duo team up to write a song for the latest pop sensation. Alex Fletcher is a washed up ’80s pop star. Sophie Fischer is a struggling writer trying to find herself after she’s used and exploited by a former professor/flame. What begins as a purely business arrangement turns in to something more powerful. It may be hard to imagine Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore as a romantic pair, but they pull it off. And how could you resist a movie that features Grant singing and dancing?

Also starring Brad Garrett and Kristen Johnson. Check out for interviews with Grant, Barrymore and Garrett, as well as video interviews and pictures from the premiere.

One thought on “Music and Lyrics

  1. As far as Hugh Grant romantic comedies go, I much prefer Notting Hill. It also stars Julia Roberts. Hugh Grant is at his self-effacing, charming best in that delightful movie.

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