We enrich peoples’ lives by providing opportunities to explore, connect, and be inspired.


Our community depends upon the Indian Prairie Public Library District as a vital and trusted resource for achieving personal goals and enhancing quality of life.  With a welcoming environment and state-of-the-art services, the library is an essential center of learning, inspiration, and community pride.

Service Philosophy

Exceptional service is our passion

  • We are caring and friendly.
  • We listen to the needs and interests of each individual.
  • We develop our services with deliberate and thoughtful care.
  • We welcome our community and are committed to making everyone’s library experience enjoyable.

Key Priorities and Supporting Goals

  • Deliver an exceptional user experience by ensuring the library is friendly and welcoming to all. The library will continually adapt to meet the needs and interests of our community so that residents consider the library essential, useful and easy to use.
    • User experience philosophy and concepts are integrated into library practices.
    • Input from our community drives our services.
    • The facility is attractive and comfortable and patrons are easily able to find what they want. Patrons use the building for a wide variety of needs and enjoy spending time at the library.
    •  Library online services are highly used and valued by our residents.
    • We ensure ease of access to library services. 
  • Inspire discovery and creativity and, with state-of-the-art services and materials, provide opportunities for lifelong learning and enjoyment.
    • The library fosters a love of reading for learning and enjoyment.
    • The library provides ways for patrons to easily explore our collections and discover materials that spark their interest.
    • The library provides residents opportunities for learning, exploration, creativity and enjoyment. 
    • The library introduces new technologies to the community and provides opportunities for residents to experiment with technology as well as receive instruction and assistance.
    • The library supports the cultural diversity of our community through services and resources.
  • Enhance community engagement by taking library services beyond our walls and building relationships. As a community center, bring people together to share ideas, skills and knowledge.
    • The library is visible in the community.
    • The library creates partnerships throughout the community that provide mutual benefits and enhance the community.
    • The library provides opportunities for residents to gather at the library as well as activities that feature the community.
  • Practice exceptional organizational stewardship by managing library staff, volunteers, the facility, technology and funding to ensure our mission, vision and strategic goals and to support our progressiveness and our responsiveness to the community. 
    • The library provides a collaborative, supportive workplace and staff are confident in their ability to serve our members and guests.
    • The building is designed to meet a wide variety of needs and is attractive and well-maintained. The library continues to implement environmental stewardship strategies.
    • Technology is continually evaluated and updated to effectively support library services and provide the greatest efficiencies and cost savings.
    • The library maintains a strong financial base and continually evaluates the best ways to manage finances.
  • Inspire the community to explore the full range of library services. We want to ensure our residents are knowledgeable about the services offered by the library and consider the library a community asset and trusted resource for enhancing their quality of life.
    • Staff develop a variety of ways to showcase the library.
    • Residents are aware of the variety of ways the library can enhance their lives.
    • Residents who don’t pay taxes to a library understand how they can receive library services and see the value of purchasing a library card.
    • Community stakeholders are well-informed about library services and accomplishments.
    • Library communication methods are continually evaluated as to their effectiveness.