Hello, LittleShop!

Our newest section in the Kids & Teens department — the LittleShop — opened last week!

The LittleShop is a hands-on learning space designed for ages 7 and under with caregivers. Our smallest patrons can practice making with our activities and with the general supplies that are always out (crayons, markers, glue, scissors, and paper), as well as specialty items like our Embosser. They can also practice learning with Design Drill, Snap Circuits, Tangrams, Lincoln Logs, Magna Tiles, Tinker Toys, Geoboard, and Gears. We also have a magnet board and light table!

Check out some of the families using the space during its first week:


2 thoughts on “Hello, LittleShop!

    1. nancyrKatie Post author

      Hi Emily, Thanks for asking! The LittleShop is located on the second floor near the Meeting Room. And it is open all the time. Please stop in! – Katie


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