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eggWe're candling some of our eggs tomorrow - Tuesday at 4:45pm with the Darien Dragons 4-H Club! Candling is a lot like a ultrasound for eggs. It is the process of looking at the inside of a developing egg by shining a bright light through it. Candling is used by people who are incubating chicken eggs to test whether an egg is fertilized, in good quality, to test which stage of development it is in, and to see whether the embryo is developing as it should. Because it is important not to handle the eggs too much, we will not be looking inside of each of the eggs - only 2 or 3. This is a fascinating  opportunity, open to all who are interested. Join us in the Youth Room.

Hello, LittleShop!

Our newest section in the Kids & Teens department -- the LittleShop -- opened last week! The LittleShop is a hands-on learning space designed for ages 7 and under with caregivers. Our smallest patrons can practice making with our activities and with the general supplies that are always out (crayons, markers, glue, scissors, and paper), as well as specialty items like our Embosser. They can also practice learning with Design Drill, Snap Circuits, Tangrams, Lincoln Logs, Magna Tiles, Tinker Toys, Geoboard, and Gears. We also have a magnet board and light table!
Check out some of the families using the space during its first week:

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

You’ve likely heard a lot about Facebook, privacy, and a company called Cambridge Analytica recently. There are a lot of layers to this story, but this article does a good job of presenting a summary of what happened in a straightforward way. After reading the story, it’d be worthwhile to familiarize yourself with your Facebook privacy settings, if you haven’t already. We'll be offering a class on Facebook privacy this summer at the library. Look for more information in the Summer newsletter.

Librarian Approved Apps: Waze

Waze is my favorite traffic and navigation app. It uses real-time updates from users to monitor traffic and provide the quickest routes. Waze also lets you save addresses in a favorites folder and label places like Work and Home to make getting directions easier. Another cool feature in Waze is the alert system that gives you a heads up when you're approaching police, accidents, road hazards or traffic jams. Download Waze from Google Play or the App store today.