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June is Perennial Gardening Month

Perennials are a gardener’s best friend. They are the gift that keeps giving as these plants return every year and can often be divided to create additional plants. Check out these titles to discover perennials to add to your flower bed.

FREE Ravinia Tickets

We have free tickets to Ravinia available for select performances! Stop by the Ask Us Desk on the first floor to see the list of dates and to enter into our drawing for free tickets. Entries will be accepted through June 14 and the drawing will take place June 15.  Selected patrons will be notified that day.


Get Those Kids Gardening!

Are you looking for something to do with your family this summer? Come and get involved in the community garden project at IPPL! There are over 40 beds in the Prairie Patch, each one growing veggies and herbs to share with our neighbors. There are so many reasons to get the kids out of the house and into the garden: Benefits of gardening with kids: • Engages All the Senses – Gardening is hands-on, physical learning and it provides moderate exercise. • Develops Fine Motor Skills – Holding and manipulating tools make young and old hands stronger. • Encourages Healthy Eating – Kids learn to identify new foods and gain an understanding of where food comes from. • Introduces Kids to Scientific Concepts – Gardening is great way for kids to learn concepts such as photosynthesis, water cycles, decomposition, and more! • Encourages Family Bonding – Spend more quality time together working on a shared project. • Teaches Responsibility – Taking care of a garden is a lot like taking care of a pet. It needs to be watered and cared for, and this teaches responsibility and following through on commitments. • Develops Math Skills –Gardening is a great way to learn and apply basic mathematical skills such as counting, measuring, and graphing growth. • Teaches Patience – Gardening requires a lot of waiting and faith. We wait to see growth. We have faith in the rain, the sun, and the process. If you’d like to help keep the Prairie Patch growing this summer, contact Natalie Williams at or 630/884-8028. All ages welcome!


Post-Graduation Survival

You managed to graduate, but now what? Check out the recommended titles from our Post Grad Survival: A Guide to Your 20s and 30s bibliography.  


New Tracing Light Box Available

The newest addition to our Tech Takeout collection is perfect for aspiring artists. The A3 light box measures 18″ by 13″ and can be used to draw, sketch, trace, animate, and more. The box includes dimmable light to control the brightness level and a built-in ruler to help with precise measurements. It also comes with tracing paper. See if the light box is available.


Celebrate National Bike Month

From bicycle repair and maintenance, to biking trails, and stories of famous cyclists, we have books to help you get pedaling.

A series of four shelves, with a sign above reading "Award Books"

Monarchs, Bluestems, Caudills, and Abes, oh my!

The library is once again participating in the Illinois state reader’s choice awards. All four lists have been released for 2019’s award and patrons are welcome to start reading! Voting will take place in February and March of 2019. Remember: the library has a reading challenge for the Monarch (K-3rd), Bluestem (3rd-5th), and Caudill (4th-8th) lists. If you read all 20 of the nominees, you will receive a copy of your favorite book from the list. Master Lists: Monarch, Bluestem, Caudill, and Abe Lincoln. And this year, some of your Kids and Teens librarians have decided to read all FOUR lists! Many of our other staff members read selections from the lists as well. Stop by the desk and feel free to ask us about our progress and our favorites.