I am primarily a fiction reader who enjoys a range of genres to keep me interested. I spend a lot of time reading teen lit, but I always make time for a good historical romance.

When it comes to realistic fiction I enjoy reading about family dynamics (You Bring the Distant Near, Far From the Tree) and characters just trying to figure out who they are in the world (American Panda, Saints and Misfitsand Misfits). I tend to favor fantasy with strong world building (Kristin Cashore’s Graceling series) and can always get lost in a rewritten fairy tale (Cinder, Beastly). Lately, I’ve really enjoyed fantasy that takes inspiration from non-European cultures (Flame in the Mist, Labyrinth Lost).

My favorite historical romances feature strong female characters that aren’t afraid to fight back and take what they want. Some of my favorite historical romance authors are Courtney Milan, Sarah MacLean, Elizabeth Hoyt, and Eloisa James.

I unapologetically love horror books and movies, good and bad. I read creepy, spooky books across age groups (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, There’s Someone Inside Your House, NOS4A2, House of Leaves). I’ll watch just about any horror movie, but I really appreciate stories that deal with hauntings or paranormal events and how they can disrupt a seemingly normal life (The Conjuring, Poltergeist, Insidious).

I am a TV binge queen, and love to find a show I can sit down with for hours on end. I’ve really come to love comedies with a lot of heart (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place). I can be a creature of habit, and when spring cleaning comes around or I’m in search of a good watch for sick days, I always return to my favorites (Veronica Mars, BBC Pride and Prejudice Mini-series,Anne of Green Gables).

My Favorite Books: