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Lomax and Biggs Series by Marshall Karp

Lomax and Biggs Series by Marshall Karp (2006-2009)
I rarely listen to books on CD, but picked up The Rabbit Factory on CD based on a patron’s zealous recommendation.  After listening to The Rabbit Factory, I immediately got Bloodthirsty, then Flipping Out.  I loved them all!  They are all laugh-out-loud funny, with unforgettable characters.

I’ve recommended them to several other people, who all agree that they are very entertaining to read or listen to. These are the first three books in the “Lomax and Biggs” mystery series by Marshall Karp.  I anxiously await the next book in the series.  Lomax and Biggs are LAPD detectives, who are very smart, witty, and engaging.  To top it off, the narrator on the CD does a great job with all the characters’ voices.

Visit the Lomax and Biggs website, read an interview with the author, and find reviews of the series at

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