The Cape Ann by Faith Sullivan

The Cape Ann by Faith Sullivan (1988)
Lark Erhardt is six years old in late 1930s small town Minnesota. Her father is the assistant agent at the local train depot. Lark and her parents live in a makeshift apartment attached to the depot. This is good enough for Mr. Erhardt, but Lark and her mother dream of the day they can build their dream house, the Cape Ann, torn from a book of house plans. Lark overhears the troubling relationship between her father and mother. She writes all of her "sins" down in a notebook in preparation for her First Communion, and she is there when her mother's sister goes through crises of her own.

This was an evocative and moving story about a young heroine you want very much to succeed. I am looking forward to reading more of Lark's life in the sequel, Gardenia.

Join us for a discussion of the book on Wednesday, December 9 at 7:30. Check out the reviews at and visit the author's website.
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