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The Secret of Everything by Barbara O’Neal

The Secret of Everything by Barbara O’Neal (2009)
 I really enjoyed “devouring” this book while on vacation. It’s got many elements of a great “beach read” – fascinating characters, wonderful setting, romance, a bit of mystery, and great food (along with the recipes). The vivid descriptions of the small town in New Mexico where much of the story takes place made me want to visit New Mexico (or even move there!).

 I also loved the delicious-sounding recipes scattered throughout the book. Finally, a great bonus for me, were the wonderful dogs that so brilliantly came to life as family members of various characters. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys escaping to another location and experiencing the joys and sorrows of well-developed, likable characters. 

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How Not to Act Old by Pamela Redmond Satran
A Bedside Book of Beasts by Graeme Gibson

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