The Wife Upstairs (2020) by Rachel Hawkins is a modern retelling of the classic gothic novel Jane Eyre (with even more twists and secrets). It centers on Jane, a broke dog-walker in the esteemed neighborhood of Thornfield Estates. She doesn't enjoy her job, but she does like stealing trinkets from her wealthy clients every now and then. Her mundane life gets thrown for a loop when she meets Eddie Rochester, a recent widower in Thornfield Estates. His wife Bea drowned in a boating accident along with her best friend, but their bodies have never been recovered. Jane and Eddie grow closer and fall in love, yet Jane feels threatened by Bea's powerful legacy and image. As Jane looks into Bea's past, she discovers secrets that startle her; Eddie is also acting increasingly strange, and soon Jane finds some things are not adding up. Despite the characters you love to hate, this is an engrossing and suspenseful domestic thriller that will have you hooked.

Available as both an eBook and eAudiobook on eMediaLibrary (Libby).