The Innocent Sleep by Karen Perry (2014)

index.aspxHarry and his wife Robin lost their young son Dillon in an earthquake when they lived and worked as artists in Tangier, Morocco. Or did they? Harry believes that Dillon is still alive, even though everyone, including Robin, insists that Dillon is dead. Dillon’s body was never found, which fuels Harry’s belief that Dillon is still alive somewhere. Robin has tried to move on with their new life in Ireland, and to not blame Harry for some mistakes he made prior to the earthquake.

When Harry spots Dillon on the streets of Dublin, he renews his search. His search unravels secrets that he and Robin have kept from each other. The flawed, complex characters combined with images of Tangier, and an intricate plot that keeps the reader guessing, made this psychological thriller hard to put down.

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