Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett (2014)

edgeofeternityThe third of Ken Follett’s 20th century trilogy, Edge of Eternity begins with the assassinations and turmoil of the 1960s and ends with the fall of the Berlin Wall in late 1989. The five families of the earlier books produce new generations heavily involved in the events of this period. The German family is separated by the Berlin Wall and only at the end does a father meet his 18-year-old daughter who he has composed for and sang to in his successful rock concert career. An English rock group finds international success often in concert with this German composer. A Russian author must keep his identity secret as he publishes stories of the Gulag in the west with the help of a TASS reporter. African Americans of mixed ancestry tell their stories of the freedom rides and interaction with well-known political leaders, some more intimate than political. Russian and American diplomats struggle to avoid nuclear war while maintaining a strong position with their allies. The episodes are well told and keep the reader engaged, particularly as one reminisces about these events.

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