Be Frank with Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson (2016)

befrank9-year-old Frank is quirky, lovable, and exasperating. He has trouble relating to other kids, he dresses like a 1930s movie star, and he’s full of random facts. His mother Mimi (better known as M. M. Banning) wrote an incomparable novel at 19. She’s published nothing since (think Harper Lee).

When 50ish Mimi promises to write a second novel if she has an assistant, her publisher sends Alice. A New Yorker thrust into the eccentricities of Hollywood, Alice must decipher the craziness that is now her life.

An endearing and clever novel, Be Frank with Me is easily a one-sitting read. You’ll be turning the pages of Julia Claiborne Johnson’s debut to find out just what will happen next.

One thought on “Be Frank with Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson (2016)

  1. This looks like a super fun read. Kinda out of my genre zone as I am a historical fiction reader, but this one just grabbed my interest so now I have to read it! I am reading Edward webster’s Soul of Toledo which is an hist. fiction. Been loving it, but looking forward to reading something lighter next. Frank sounds like just the character I need!

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