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Yummy–and good for you, too

According to Computer Help Desk Assistant Gail, “Warm weather, a hopefully less stressful schedule, and the beginning of our growing season are all great reasons to incorporate more fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs into our diets. The library’s many food related magazines are loaded with flavorful recipes for special summer meals, appetizers, drinks and more.  Take a look at the magazines we offer under the Cooking, Food and Nutrition heading on our Web site. Check out back issues or browse while you’re here. If you don’t have time to visit the library in person, you can access the Culinary Arts database from home using your Indian Prairie library card.  This amazing database includes many major cooking and nutrition magazines with recipes you can search and restaurant reviews. Happy cooking!”

Best of the tablets and e-readers

One of the staff spotted a great article, “Screen tests,” in the latest issue of ShopSmart magazine.  It will help you decide on an e-book reader vs. a tablet, and includes ShopSmart’s recommendations for both types of devices.  Don’t forget that using your library card allows you to download books free to many devices through eMedia Library. You’ll find the link on our site.  Just today, made e-book downloads to Kindles accessible through eMedia Library.  Downloading to Nooks, iPads, iPods, and many other devices has been available for quite some time.

Still going strong

Each year,  Library Journal  publishes a list of the best new magazines that started within the last year.  I’ve considered one or two from this before as possible additions to our collection, provided they’re available for us.  Of course,  new magazine start-ups don’t always survive and not all of these will interest our members, but it’s quite an interesting list.  The author goes on to say that it appears the “magazine market has stabilized.”  –Good news for those of us who love magazines.  He also touches on shifts in magazine content delivery for print and online through a variety of devices.  To quote Bob Dylan, “The times, they are a-changin.”

Just tea–sing

One of the Computer Help Desk assistants says she “has been drinking tea a lot since she was a child.”   She has never had to watch what she eats, and believes her tea drinking habit has a lot to do with that.  She has noticed more articles that reveal benefits of tea, especially the green variety, including one in the Dec. 20th issue of our magazine Woman’s World.  Whatever your choice, a hot beverage tastes great on a cold February day or night!

Woman’s World magazine comes out weekly, packing in a variety of short articles on such topics as health, entertainment, horoscopes, fashion, and includes “relax and have fun” and inspirational sections.  You’ll find it in the center magazine area of the Adult Services department.

This magazine has stood the test of time

National Geographic has been with us for over 120 years, since its first issue in 1888,” according to Hugh, one of our Computer Help Desk Assistants. ” It began as more of a scientific journal but in the early 20th century it began showing color photographs illustrating physical and human geography around the world.  It contains articles about geography, popular science, history, culture, current events, and photography.

December’s issue has a timely article, “Kings of Controversy,” examining archaeological finds said to be from the time of David and Solomon.  Disputes as to authenticity have political tones regarding whose land this really is and what type of kingdom those Kings ruled.  High quality photography and maps spur interest for the reader.  A modern day Joseph might be confused to find the city of David in Jerusalem  rather than Bethlehem and not know where to pay his taxes!”

The magazine is published monthly by the National Geographic Society.

Weekend travels

Will your holiday travels involve a drive on I-94?  If so, Marie suggests that, as you exit for gas or to stretch your legs, you  “should take a look around and discover what Wisconsin has to offer on the 94 corridor.  It is never too late to stop in the local shops full of tasty cheese,  sausages and long-time antique stores.  Tour the state’s oldest Harley dealership, or enjoy some live entertainment while dining at the Brat Stop.  Many of these sites are available all year round.”  Our July/August 2010 issue of Wisconsin Trails  features additional places of interest on this well-traveled route.  Lift up the display shelf for older issues.