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Open and eager to see you

Wow!  Come in and take a look at all the exciting changes.  As part of the renovations, you’ll now find general and business magazines and newspapers downstairs.  Look just in front (north) of the  Ask Us desk.  Any staff member can help you find them.  Check at the desk if you have specific questions.

BTW, we missed you!

Education issues

One of our librarians pointed out the September 20, 2010 issues of Time Magazine,which she says “highlights the state of U.S schools and education.  There are 3 “must read” articles of particular interest to every teacher, parents of students, and every American interested in how we educate our people. One includes an overall article on the condition of U.S. education, the second one on “How we can evaluate and hire good teachers”, and the third is about a groundbreaking documentary called “Superman” coming out the end of this month about the poor state of American education, done by the director of “An Inconvenient Truth” and sure to open the minds of each of us and give hope in helping make groundbreaking progress to keep America strong.

Included are ideas of how each of us can get involved to better our schools and, in turn, our country.”