Streaming Movies Now Available at IPPL

IPPL patrons can now stream movies and music directly to their personal device using hoopla. There are also Roku devices available for checkout featuring some of the latest movies. For more information visit the E-movies and E-Music page or learn about it at our two learning sessions on Jan 7 or Jan 11. 

2 thoughts on “Streaming Movies Now Available at IPPL

  1. I looked at the available content of Hoopla TV, much of that content would really be great to have access to such as the National Geographic specials and PBS specials. The IPPL Hoopla program does not include this for whatever reason. Please consider this for future enhancements.

    Thank You!

    1. Steve,

      We decided to launch hoopla with movies and music to begin with and we will take your suggestion into consideration.



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