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This magazine has stood the test of time

National Geographic has been with us for over 120 years, since its first issue in 1888,” according to Hugh, one of our Computer Help Desk Assistants. ” It began as more of a scientific journal but in the early 20th century it began showing color photographs illustrating physical and human geography around the world.  It contains articles about geography, popular science, history, culture, current events, and photography.

December’s issue has a timely article, “Kings of Controversy,” examining archaeological finds said to be from the time of David and Solomon.  Disputes as to authenticity have political tones regarding whose land this really is and what type of kingdom those Kings ruled.  High quality photography and maps spur interest for the reader.  A modern day Joseph might be confused to find the city of David in Jerusalem  rather than Bethlehem and not know where to pay his taxes!”

The magazine is published monthly by the National Geographic Society.