Meet the Eggs!chick2


Starting April 9th the library will be hosting two dozen White Leghorn eggs. The eggs will stay with us at the library until after they hatch, when they will eventually move to their new homes on local farms.

Visit the Kids & Teens department to:

  • Meet the eggs
  • Participate in chick related activities in the WouldShop
  • Learn more about incubation, eggs, and chickens

IPPL is pleased to partner with the Darien Dragons 4H Club for this exciting and educational incubation project.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long does it take a chicken egg to hatch?
A: It takes around 21 days for a chicken egg to hatch.

Q: What do you call a baby chicken?
A: A baby chicken is called a chick. It can also be called a pullet (young hen) or a cockerel (young rooster).

Q: What do you call a group of chickens?
A: A group of chickens is called a flock. A group of baby chicks is called a clutch or a peep. A group of hens is called a brood.

Q: Can I hold the baby chicks?
A: To keep the baby chicks healthy and safe, we will not be holding the chicks at this time.

Q: Can we name the baby chicks?
A: Some of the eggs already have names given to them by the Darien Dragons 4H Club, but we will gladly accept your ideas for names.