Resources for Returning to Childcare and Preschool

There is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about schools and childcare facilities reopening in the Fall. Parents and teachers are asking questions like "What will it look like?" and "How can I prepare my children?"

These questions are hard to answer, but there are resources that can help. The Illinois Early Learning Project has a new toolkit of resources, strategies, and activities to keep young children learning at home and help prepare them for what the world outside of home looks like upon reopening.

You can find graphic tip sheets with helpful phrases to use to explain why we wear masks or how to social distance. There are Parenting Pep Talks with tips on handling your child's big feelings and making time for connection. And of course, there are lots of resources for learning at home during trying times and tips about getting your child ready to return to childcare.

Check them all out here!

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