This Week in the Prairie Patch: July 26-August 1

View the Prairie Patch Art Show: We are excited to showcase art from patrons of all ages. Now in the garden through August 1.

Garden Giveaway: Available daily in the library's lobby.

Meet the Garden Team: The Prairie Patch is maintained by a handful of IPPL staff and community volunteers. Each week, we will share information about a different team member. This week, meet Cathy!

Role: Garden volunteer and Darien Garden Club ambassador to IPPL

Where are you from: Darien

How long have you been a library patron? – since 1991 almost 30 years

What do you like about gardening?: I love many aspects of gardening; food production (nothing like a fresh garden tomato or broccoli harvested until Nov), creating wildlife and pollinator habitat with native trees, shrubs and plants in my suburban yard, sharing plants, knowledge and enthusiasm with others especially the next generation of gardeners, learning something new every day about growing and caring for the garden as well as about the garden visitors and their role in pollination and pest control.

What are your favorite gardening books? I love to cook with fresh produce so I recommend: From Asparagus to Zucchini (Jones Books – MACSAC) to get you started and to answer the question "What do you do with swiss chard? And others?

What is your favorite thing to grow? – Dahlias! Also, perennial and annual sunflowers, zinnias, tomato, and any and all native plants.

Do you have a favorite gardening quote or phrase? I have a few:

"The earth laughs in flowers." E E Cummings

"Tickle the earth with a hoe, it will laugh a harvest." Mary Cantell

"All gardens are a form of autobiography." Robert Dash

If you are interested in helping us in the garden this summer, please contact Natalie Williams about volunteering: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Book Recommendations:

Prairie Dog Song: The key to saving North America's grasslands

Q&A About Plants

STEM Kit: Plant Cell

Seed Library:

Are you interested in helping plant future gardens? To learn what you need to do to save your seeds and donate to our Seed Library, email Natalie Williams: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

This Week in the Prairie Patch: August 2-August 8
August Programming for Littles

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