telescope transparentCurious about astronomy and want to try out a telescope? Through funding from the Indian Prairie Library Foundation & Friends, we are pleased to offer telescopes for use by our residents.

About our telescopes

We have six Orion Star Blast 4.5 inch reflector portable telescopes. The quality optics allow users to easily point the scope with the EZ find to spot a crater on the moon, view the moons of Jupiter, and explore the rings of Saturn. The EZ Finder works by projecting a tiny red dot in the air and aligning the dot at the object you want to look at. Wherever the dot is pointed, is what you will view through the lens. Full specs and product information are available here.

What's required to checkout out a telescope?

  • An Indian Prairie Public Library card
  • Must be at least 18+
  • 1-week checkout and can be renewed for an additional week if no one is waiting
  • Check availability

How do I use the telescope?

The telescope can be used during the day or night. If you are using it during the day, never look at the sun through the telescope. Give the telescope time to adjust to the outside air temperature for best results.

  • Set-up - The telescope comes ready to use. You may need a table or other stable surface to put the telescope on during a viewing.
  • Images -  The images you see in the telescope will be upside down, backward, and in black and white.
  • Viewing - You can see a number of celestial bodies, including the moon, planets, and stars. Visibility and viewing conditions will impact the quality of the images. Refer to monthly sky maps for help with identification of objects.

How do I care for the telescope?

  • Transporting - You will receive a transport guide when checking out the telescope. The telescope should be transported by car and buckled into a seat. Do not place the telescope in a trunk. Do not put the telescope in a bigger bag. It can cause damage to the telescope, or it will break.
  • Storing Telescope when not in use- Store with the dust caps on in a clean, dry, and dust-free place. Do not store the telescope outside.
  • Eyepiece/Cleaning - Do not wipe the eyepiece with tissue or cloth as you could damage it. The library will clean if needed.

Where can I find more information?

Refer to the instruction manual provided with the telescope, or visit these links.