WouldShop2The WouldShop is our creative space to make, design, and build. The possibilities are endless of what you can create. Design, build, test, create, make, and connect with others. The WouldShop is open to everyone ages 8+ including adults.

Equipment includes . . .
∙ Vinyl cutter
∙ Poster printer
∙ 3D printer
∙ Looms
∙ Sewing machines

Need inspiration for creation? Ask us.

WouldShop Hours
Always open for ages 8−18
Adults: Monday−Friday, 9 a.m.−2 p.m; Saturday, 1−4 p.m. (excluding some scheduled classes or school holidays).
Trainer help is available during the following days . . .
Saturdays, 1−4 p.m., for ages 8+, including adults

The WouldShop was donated by the Sadowski Family & Friends.

Note: There is no charge for equipment usage, but we have limited materials and supplies available for purchase. We encourage you to bring your own consumable materials, such as vinyl, yarn, or fabric.