Use a Computer @ the Library

We offer Windows and Mac computers and laptops for all ages.

  • All Windows computers have Office 2016.
  • You can use a desktop or laptop computer for 90 minutes with extensions depending on availability.
  • We offer Windows computers for people that do not have a Indian Prairie Library card to use for a 30 minute minimum with extensions depending on availability.
  • Anyone can use our 20 minute Express Computers.
  • Research / Microsoft Office computers are available with no time limit as long as no one is waiting. Internet access is not available on these computers.

Use an iPad @ the Library cardexclusive

Browse the internet, play games, use apps, and access our emagazine collection.

  • Adult iPads include apps for English Language Learners
  • Teen iPads include Minecraft
  • Kids iPads include apps for early literacy development

Print & Copy

  • The library offers wireless and remote printing.  Print from anywhere and from any computer or device using the Internet. Go to on your computer or laptop.  Smartphones and tablets download the Printeron app to send a print job.  Print jobs will be available for four hours and can be paid for and printed near the Technology Center Desk.
  • Printers are located on each floor.
  • A copier is located in the lobby next to the elevator.
  • Black & white prints and copies cost $0.10 per page.
  • Color prints cost $0.25 per page.

Fax & Scan Documents

  • Scan your documents or photos to print, save, or email them. The scan station is located near the Technology Center Desk.
  • A fax machine is located in the lobby next to the elevator. Credit or debit card is required.

Use Computers & Devices with Kids

We provide specialized computers and devices to help kids develop literacy skills and support learning. Learn more about our Kids Tech.

Checkout a Device at our Technology Center Desk cardexclusive

Tech Takeout is a smorgasbord of gadgets, gizmos, and tools for you to check out.