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Scaled and Icy

Twenty One Pilots' sixth studio album, Scaled and Icy (2021), was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic and examines the isolation felt during these unprecedented times. Singer Tyler Joseph wanted to create an upbeat and optimistic sound to combat the bleak state of the world. Scaled and Icy definitely has a more playful pop sound while still examining serious themes and issues. It's essentially a snapshot of the emotional highs and lows of life in quarantine. The album has received generally favorable reviews, with critics noting that it feels more in line with one of their earlier albums, Vessel. As a longtime fan of this band, the tracks that stand out most to me are "Shy Away," "Choker," "Mulberry Street," and "No Chances." Overall, this album is full of catchy songs and profound lyrical messages that make the world feel a little less lonely.

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