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The Great Buck Howard

The Great Buck Howard (2008) PG
The versatile John Malkovich plays the Great Buck Howard, a mentalist who is trying to make a comeback. Told from the viewpoint of his new personal assistant, Troy Gable (Colin Hanks), a law school dropout and would be writer, the story keeps viewers guessing as to what’s real and what’s not. While dealing with Buck’s eccentricities, Troy learns valuable life lessons.

You will be intrigued as the story unfolds. Reporters label Buck as a has-been and his act cheesy, but his audiences still love the old-fashioned stage show, including guessing numbers and finding the fee for his performance hidden in the audience. He makes the impossible seem possible. Will he succeed at his next big act of large scale hypnotism and cement his legacy?

The story is inspired by the Amazing Kreskin who was featured on the Johnny Carson Show 61 times. Watch the special feature, “The Amazing Kreskin.”
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