You Can Count on Me

You Can Count on Me (2000) R
Laura Linney is Sammy, a single mom living in the Catskills in the house she grew up in. Sammy works at the local bank and has a nitpicky new boss, Brian (Matthew Broderick). Life has fallen into a regular, if dull, pattern for Sammy until her irresponsible but charming brother Terry (Mark Ruffalo) comes to town for a visit. Terry takes Sammy’s young son Rudy (Rory Culkin) under his wing and shows him all the things one guy teaches another such as playing pool, fishing, and lying to your mother. Things come to a head when Terry pushes Sammy too far. This is a beautifully filmed and acted movie which shows real people caught in real problems. Not for someone who likes a nicely wrapped up ending.
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