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The Indian Prairie Public Library District includes most of Darien and Willowbrook, part of Burr Ridge, and some unincorporated areas.
Search your address to find out if you’re eligible for a card.

It’s easy to apply for an Indian Prairie Public Library District card—if you're 18 and older, complete the form below. If your application is approved, you’ll receive an email containing your account information, and you can immediately begin using your account to access online resources. It's easy to add your card to the SWAN app. If you’d like a physical card, visit the library in person.

If you do not live in our district, you can apply for a nonresident card.

We offer other types of cards. To apply for one of the following, visit the library in person. 

Business: Any school, corporation, partnership, church, or sole proprietorship owning or renting a place of business within the geographic boundaries of the Indian Prairie Public Library is eligible for a library card. Bring a driver’s license or state ID, plus a business card or letterhead. Businesses must be registered with the Secretary of State’s Office to be eligible for a card.

Nonresident Veteran: Veterans with service-connected disabilities of at least 70% who are exempt from paying property taxes on their primary residence, an unmarried surviving spouse of a veteran who has previously qualified for this exemption before their death, or an unmarried surviving spouse of a service member killed in the line of duty shall be eligible to receive a free non-resident library card. Qualifying veterans or surviving partners must present documentation from the county where they reside that indicates their residence is exempt from paying property taxes.

Cards for Kids Act: Any student, up to Grade 12, living in the Indian Prairie Public Library Public Library boundaries, without library service, who qualifies for free and reduced lunch at school is eligible to receive a library card under the Cards for Kids Act. The library card is good for one year and is renewable annually. Bring identification with the child's current address and certification from the school that the child is part of the free lunch program.

About the District

The Indian Prairie Public Library District includes most of Darien and Willowbrook, part of Burr Ridge, and some unincorporated areas. The district is a separate taxing body and residents, property owners, and businesses pay taxes to directly support the library. Look for "Library Tax" on your property tax bill to see if you live in the district. If you are a renter or can't find your tax bill, call us at 630/887-8760 and we will tell you if you are a district resident. If you don't live in the district, you can still receive library services by purchasing a card.

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Complete this form for a library card. By clicking submit, I understand that I am responsible for my Indian Prairie Public Library Card and all materials checked out on my card. I understand I am responsible for any charges that may result from late returns, loss, or damage of materials. If my card is lost or missing, I will report it immediately.

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