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The Gardens at IPPL

Established in 2015, the Gardens at IPPL, formerly known as the Prairie Patch, has provided learning and exploration for youth as kids and teens explore the science behind gardening each summer while growing food that is donated to food pantries. This also is a place of relaxation and beauty, which is perfect for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. These essential creatures are important for the ecosystem and pollinate the plants that people and animals eat. We wouldn’t have fruit and vegetables without pollinators!

A generous donation from Dhiren and Kailas Sanghani, in honor of their son Keshav, provided needed upgrades to the area in 2022. Keshav’s Garden has raised beds, and additional garden furniture and activities to enhance the outdoor classroom. The Gardens at IPPL is Monarch Waystation. We received certification in 2020 for creating a habitat that helps preserve the species and support the butterfly's amazing migration every year.


Learn & Play

The Gardens at IPPL is a place to enjoy sunny, summer days. It’s a wonderful place to read, play with your family, or simply take in nature. You can sit on benches in the gardens or set yourself up on the outdoor furniture on the patio.

Keshav’s Garden

At Keshav’s Garden, young minds will be cultivated through programming that will teach kids and teens the math and science behind gardening. Keshav’s Garden was donated by Dhiren and Kailas Sanghani in memory of their son Keshav.

Bea’s Garden

Visit Bea’s Garden, a special home for insects in the Gardens at IPPL, which includes a large, handmade insect hotel, several bee habitats, an observatory to watch the bees working, and pollinator plants to attract butterflies and bees. Bea’s Garden was donated by the Lawrence Family in memory of their daughter Bea.


Thank you, Girl Scouts!

Grab a seat on the newly installed green benches donated by Girl Scouts Troop 55582! It's a great place to relax. 


The roots of the Gardens at IPPL were started with the community in mind. Originally called the Prairie Patch, the gardens were started in 2016, in partnership with GoodWorx. Since then, the Gardens at IPPL have evolved. With the help of community volunteers and the Darien Garden Club, the Gardens at IPPL not only cultivates fresh food for the community, but it grows the minds of kids, who learn from library programs. Whenever possible, as weather allows, the garden is watered using the rain barrel system that was installed by the Eagle Scouts of Boy Scout Troop 101 in Darien.

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