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People at a drive up window handing off a bookPick-Ups & Returns

Drive-Up Window

  • The drive-up window is located on the west side of the building, next to the outdoor book returns.
  • The drive-up window is open during library hours.
  • You may need to wait a few minutes to pick up your materials; both the book return and drive-up window use the same lane. 
  • Have your library card or ID ready. 
  • Please note that large or heavy items cannot be picked up through the window. 
  • You must stay in your car to use the drive-up window.

Save Time at the Drive-Up

Snagging your books through our drive-up window? You can get faster service. Each time you place a hold, choose as your pick-up location, "Indian Prairie Public Library District Drive-Up." Remember, even if you pick up your holds in the drive-up, you can park your car and visit us inside the library.

Pick-ups & Holds FAQ

How do I place holds?

You can place holds on items in the library catalog via our website, using the library’s app-- download for Apple or Android. If you need to reset your PIN, learn how to do that.

If you’d like us to place the hold:

  • call us at 630/887-8760
  • use our chat at
  • email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Returning Materials FAQ

Is the book return the only way to return materials?

The external book returns are open 24/7. The internal book returns are open during library hours. Larger items that won't fit in the book returns can be returned inside the library during regular hours.  


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